Primo’s Restaurant & Pizzeria

primos24b Sugarloaf St.
South Deerfield Center

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Open 11 am til 10 pm seven days a week. Full liquor, wine and beer in our separate bar area

Enjoy pizza by the slice at Primo’s Pizzeria, open every night until 10 pm.

Primo Pizzeria now delivers to most areas around South Deerfield, Deerfield, Conway, Whately , Hatfield, & Sunderland. Let the Italian fare come to you.

Delivery from 11am-230pm & 4pm-10pm weekdays

Saturdays & Sundays 4 pm-10pm

When you want hot, fresh pizza, give us a call and it will be ready to pick up.


Calzones and subs are hot and ready at Primo’s Pizzeria.

Garlic knots are free with subs from Primo’s Pizzeria, South Deerfield.

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