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What Brings Us Together

Pace of Activity Picking up in Deerfield!

April 2021

The pandemic shuts down the town, but in Spring and summer 2021 most of it is back to normal.

December 2016

Deerfield is totally redesigned, with a responsive look that is perfect on a mobile phone.

October 2015

Amtrak trains pass through Deerfield with regular service from Greenfield to New York City and beyond.

October 2014

The town sees major improvements for the railroad crossing at Elm St. in preparation for the Amtrak trains that will stop in Greenfield. Tag Sale Day number 7 will take place on Sat. October 4

October 2012

The town is abuzz with excitement for the fifth annual TAG SALE DAY on October 6 all over the towns. Sadly, we have seen some of our downtown businesses go out of business like the GoNOMAD Cafe and Elm Farm Bakery. New in town is the Hillside Farmstand, offering creemee and produce from local farms.

August 2009

The Recorder publishes an article about the upcoming Town Wide Tag Sale Day, which is set for Saturday October 3 this year. They include a quote from founder Max Hartshorne, who said “you’d be crazy to have a tag sale any other day than this!” We are hoping for 80 tag sales in town that day!

October 2008

The first annual Town Wide Tag Sale debuts with 60 neighborhood tag sales and hundreds of shoppers coming in to see all of the sales.

August 2008

Members of the Deerfield business community recently joined for lunch to discuss promoting each other’s businesses in an organized town-wide way. Twenty local business people decided on a plan of decisive action. Joint marketing to attract tourists from out of state to come to Deerfield will be the focus of our efforts.

Our most recent meeting brought up ideas like a large advertising campaign in the Valley and Hartford Advocates and printing tourist cards with information about our businesses to distribute at area hotels and in our own locations. We are also looking into some television advertising to increase our exposure and show what we have to offer.

We are also interested in inviting journalists to come to Deerfield and experience it to write articles for travel publications and websites.

February 2007
Deerfield Attractions is formed to promote the town as a tourist destination.

If you would like to be a part of our discussions please contact Max Hartshorne through our contact us link, or call 413-624-6640.

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