Deerfield in 2020

Editor’s Report on the State of our Towns and Deerfield Attractions

June 24, 2020

Dear Deerfield Attractions Member

We are almost done with the terrible pandemic of 2020, and our state is proud that by adhering to social distancing and mask-wearing, we have cut the rate of infections dramatically and lowered the count of both infected and the death rate which was so scary in April 2020.

I’m excited to report the state of our towns has never been better!  There are so many great things happening in Deerfield and South Deerfield, and we’ve now got a neat new way to keep up with the changes and hear from new business owners, with the Deerfield Now page on Facebook.  

2020 is the year that many more tourists are going to visit Deerfield and our towns.

In 2017 we re-designed our town tourism website and we are happy to add more photos, videos, or anything else you’d like to include on your page to better showcase what you offer tourists in Deerfield.  Give us a call to come to take photos, shoot a video, or make changes to your page.

Below are the website stats for for 2018.

2020 stats for Deerfield Attractions

Look at what’s new in Deerfield:

A new 24-hour Cumberland Farms store has been built and is open on Route 5.

South Deerfield has a full-service market, Ciesluk’s Market, with produce meats, bakery, and local produce, all owned by a wonderful local farm woman, Nicole Ciesluk.

Deerfield Nails and Spa just opened, bringing pedicures and other pampering treatments to our village, to great acclaim.

The Dye Bar has opened on Route 5, offering hair coloring and perms.

The Condos at Sugarloaf have already opened to their first residents, and soon this over age 50 development will bring more new citizens to town. This large project will have 72 units and will be completed by 2021.

Leo’s Table is open in the former Jerry’s Place, bringing new excitement, a new menu, and a place to gather right downtown.

Dumont Corporation, a precision manufacturing business, is open in the large open space in the town center that was once a pickle factory.

Right over the line, in the former Sugarloaf Shoppes at the corners of Route 5 and Route 116, a new marijuana dispensary will be opening up, bringing many tourists and other shoppers to town. Harvest, Inc is also opening a dispensary in the former Deerfield Plastics location on Rte 5.

Our Town Administrator has moved on but we are making progress on the Complete Streets Program that will bring better markings to the pavement and hopefully a better-designed town common.  We might even get bicycle lanes in downtown S. Deerfield sometime after 2020!

We beat back an attempt to bring a Dollar Store to our towns. Nobody wanted it, and we managed to convince the company that we are not the right place for their ticky-tacky cheesy products. Now, the company is threatening to again open in this location, and many in the town are fighting this in court.

Once again we are happy to have a website designed to attract visitors to Deerfield and to showcase what we offer to any visitor.

Thanks again for being a part of Deerfield Attractions. If you want to add your business listing, please get in touch.

Max Hartshorne

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